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Welcome to the ArkhamNetwork Server Store


We are a gaming network devoted to giving you high-quality, unique Minecraft servers like you've never seen before! We promise to keep purchase costs low and staff presence high. Purchase with peace of mind, because we pride ourselves in making the players happy and providing a friendly server network for all to enjoy!


Payment Method: PayPal

This is the recommended payment method. If you would like to make a purchase using your PayPal balance or bank account use this method.


Payment Method: PaymentWall

Use this payment method if you want to purchase an item with a debit or credit card. PaymentWall also accepts mobile phone payments.



Please note that usernames are case-sensitive.

Please make sure you have enough inventory space for your needed items, because items are non-refundable.

Purchases may take up to 15 minutes to process.


What should I do if I haven't received my purchase?

Credit purchases should be credited to your in-game account within 30 minutes. You must be ONLINE to receive in-game items you purchase. Please remain logged in when waiting for a purchase. If you experience any issues, please wait at least 2 hours and then start a thread explaining your situation. If you still haven't received your purchase, a member of our team will help you out!


Having problems? Contact us at support@arkhamnetwork.com



Payments to the ArkhamNetwork servers go towards the virtual items you purchased. This transaction is final and there are no refunds. If you are banned for breaking Arkham rules you will not be refunded. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server admins, and rules can be changed at any time. There is no guarantee of being able to enter the server. If any server ceases operation the virtual items are forfeit. Refund requests due to technical failure are subject to the discretion of the ArkhamNetwork administration team. All items are virtual and have no value.



This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously, and take all measures necessary to secure it.

Any personal information received will only be used to complete your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

The ArkhamNetwork server is not affiliated with Mojang.



Voldex Services Inc is NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB.

Minecraft is © of Mojang AB 2009-2014.